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So, Why DOES Air Conditioner Size Matter Anyway?

You must be thinking, why not play it safe and go for a much greater cooling capacity, BTU, or tonnage than necessary? A large-sized air conditioner must mean more cooling and faster! Our Air Conditioner Service experts just might disagree.

Although this sounds ideal, there are a few problems with this sort of thought:

An air conditioner that is too large for the room uses more electricity and results in higher energy bills. The extra cooling capacity is actually going to waste, which is detrimental to the environment and your bills!

On the other hand, an a/c unit that is too small will be insufficient for cooling. You won’t be feeling the desired cooling effect and it has to run at full power all the time. More energy will again be consumed without having the desired effect on the temperature.

Air conditioners not only cool down the room but also serve to reduce the humidity in the room. Our Air Conditioner Service Experts will explain that an oversized air conditioner will cool down the room too quickly and then turn the compressor off. But, the moisture in the space will not decrease at the same rate as the temperature, so even though the room will be at a lower temp. the humidity can still make it uncomfortable.

It’s also good to consider a newer furnace with better airflow!

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