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St. Albert Furnace Duct Cleaning

Garry’s Heating offers year-round duct cleaning in the Edmonton, St. Albert, and surrounding areas. We are duct cleaning specialists, and provide advice and support along with exceptional service. Contact us immediately if you have any questions, and use this topic list to find your information fast.

Furnace Cleaning

How long has it been since your furnace ducts have been cleaned or repaired?

If you can’t remember – it has been too long! Depending on your location, your home is always accumulating dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the outdoors. Air enters your home through the doors and windows, and through the air intake for your furnace and air conditioning. Some homes will see more dirt, and others will see more pollen. Your home may need more frequent duct cleaning if it is located near a farm, a construction site, an industrial area, etc.

Signs you should request a furnace cleaning

It is not always easy to see the dirt hidden in your air ducts. We don’t look inside our ducts often, and these spaces can be forgotten as a result.

However, there are a few signs that will tell you it’s time to clean your furnace and ducts. Irritation in your throat, ongoing allergies, and excessive dust accumulating on surfaces can all be caused by accumulated particles in your furnace system. Since all those factors affect your home comfort level, they should be taken as signs to contact a cleaning service right away. If you notice an ongoing indoor air quality problem, call us.

You can sometimes notice visible signs of a dirty furnace too: you might also see signs of a dirty furnace and duct system when you look into your ducts. To test, lift your air vent cover and look inside. Use a flashlight or your phone light if the space is dark. If you see an accumulation of thin dirt or dust near the vent area, you can assume there is more dust hidden deep inside your vents.

You can find signs of dust in your system when you change your furnace filter, too. Take a look at your filter right now. Is it full of dust? If you changed it recently, and it needs to be changed again, that is another sign that your ducts need cleaning. If you are having trouble keeping up with your filter, dust is probably getting past the filter and into your vents.

New Home Duct Cleaning

If you have just purchased a new home, the builder should clean the ducts before you move in. If you are moving into a newly built home, your ducts might need to be cleaned in the following 18-24 months. This is especially true if your home is in an area with lots of ongoing construction.

If you are buying a home from an existing owner, you should consider cleaning the ducts before you move in. When people move out of their home, they do not usually inform the new owner about the current state of the ducts, or the last time they were cleaned. Clean your ducts when you move in, or shortly after, to be sure any past accumulation is removed. This way, you know the air system is clean and ready for you and your family to enjoy.

Why You Should Clean Your Ducts Regularly

Reduce Indoor Allergens

Dirty ducts are unsafe because they release allergens into your home. Many people suffer seasonal allergies that can be made worse when they cannot escape the outdoor dust and pollen. Your heating and cooling system should provide some relief from the irritants of outdoor allergens. It should not make your allergies worse by circulating them throughout your house!

Reduce Energy Bills

Dirty ducts can also dramatically raise your energy bills. Energy Star, which provides simple and unbiased information to help consumers make smart energy choices, suggests that you can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system by 20 percent or more by simply keeping your system clean and maintained.

When your furnace, ducts and vents are partially blocked with dust and other particles, the furnace fan motors have to work harder to push the same amount of heating throughout your home. This can result in your energy bills increasing a surprising amount, especially if you consider the annual impact. If your family spends $2000/yr on annual heating, and your furnace system is 10% inefficient due to accumulated dirt and other particles, then your bill may be $200 more than it needs to be on energy output alone.

Reduce Repair Bills

The furnace ducts in your home slowly become damaged over time due to a lack of cleaning, the presence of pets, weather, or construction/remodelling. Dirt can impede the optimum motion of parts within the furnace, and cause problems that require more frequent repair. Taking care of your cleaning needs on a regular basis – every 2-3 years – reduces the likelihood that you will experience cleaning-related breakdowns in your furnace heating system. Keep in mind that your furnace system should be cleaned immediately if you notice any mold, particles, or obstructions in your ventilation system.

“Cleaning even lightly-fouled systems can produce substantial energy savings.”

What We Provide

At Garry’s Heating Services, we have specialized technicians that we send for furnace duct cleaning in St. Albert.

Your furnace cleaning will be a custom service that addresses the specific cleaning needs you require at the time you request the service. We will help you determine your needs and explain the benefits first. Then, as needed, the technician will clean all parts of your furnace and ducts. Parts usually involved in cleaning include:

  • air registers
  • heat exchangers
  • grilles and diffusers
  • heating and cooling coils
  • drip pans
  • drains
  • fans (plus housing, motor)
  • air ducts

Clothes Drier Vents and Ducts

Most people request that we clean their drier vents and ducts at the same time as we perform the general residential duct cleaning. Even if you are careful about removing lint from your drier tray, drier vents and ducts can become clogged over time. If you notice a build-up of lint around your lint tray, chances are you have material building up elsewhere in the vent system. We highly recommend including the drier in your duct cleaning service. If you need this service included, we will add it in your estimate.

How Furnace and Duct Cleaning Works

For vent cleaning, the technician will arrive with a service truck equipped with a powerful vacuum system. We will use compressed air to free any dust and dirt sticking to the sides of the vent, and then use vacuum suction to eliminate the dirt. To complete the furnace cleaning, we will also check and clean your furnace system and appropriate parts, helping your furnace work more efficiently in the future. It is a comprehensive cleaning service that eradicates dust accumulation throughout your system.

Our customers are the number one priority and we guarantee that we will never take a shortcut to having your job done properly. We want to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of service. Here are a few ways that we are able to help:

  • Professional duct technicians
  • Personalized attention for each customer
  • Advanced furnace duct cleaning products that eliminate mold
  • Removal of all blockages and/or buildup that increases fire risk
  • Duct evaluations and quotes
  • Affordable duct services

How to Prepare For a Furnace Cleaning Service

  • Check your air filters and replace if needed
  • Find the model numbers of your furnace and associated parts
  • Make a note of the number and location of your vents
  • Make a note of your specific problems, along with when they began
  • Ensure that pets and children are in a safe and secure location away from work areas
  • Plan to move your pets to a completed room so the first room they were secured in can be cleaned next.
  • Be home for the service call, and be ready to answer the phone

Duct Cleaning in the Winter

If you request your duct cleaning during the winter, expect your home to cool down during the 2 hour service. Your door will be open during this time, so cold air will get in. In addition, the service itself provides a powerful air exchange, so that all of the air in your home is vacuumed out, and new air enters the home through the ventilation system.  In winter months, you need to allow a couple of hours after the service is complete for your furnace to heat the new air.

Many companies that offer air duct services such as cleaning, repairs, or installation lack the proper training and experience to effectively get the job done. Our knowledgeable staff knows exactly how to remove mold, allergens, and all other materials from your furnace and vents in your home. Our customers throughout the community have good things to say about our services.

Secure your pets and children while your ducts are being serviced. They can get curious!

The best proof of our duct cleaning expertise comes from our reviews and recommendations.

We can provide you with upfront costs, straight answers, and helpful information. Make the best choice for your home and family by having your furnace ducts maintained regularly.


Amy installed a new humidifier, she was quick, efficient and answered all my questions. They are the best at Gary’s!! Locally owned and operated, we are very lucky to have such a wonderful family owned business that does quality work in the Saint Albert community.

Debra Allard

Garry’s is our go to….. always honest and direct. They have helped us with our furnace and water heater. We have also purchased our AC unit from them. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Debra Allard
Allan Jeffrey

We have two furnaces. A safety switch was clicking off twice a day on one of them. We choose Garry for his price, local to St. Albert and a Trane representative. We were nervous, the work could be completed prior to Christmas. Garry rescheduled other work, sent over 3 people and completed both prior to company coming. Thanks Gary and team.

Allan Jeffrey
David Hamill

‘Twas the night before Christmas and everything was quiet’ too quiet in fact, the furnace wasn’t operating. Called Garry and Rick was at our door within an hour. Fixed and ready in an hour in preparation for arriving family.

David Hamill
Renee Simard

My furnace had stopped and I called Garry’s. Booked me an appointment for noon then they called to say they could come early. Diagnosed my problem in a couple of minutes and told me I just needed a part replaced. Rick the installer was awesome and answered ALL my questions! Recommend these guys!

Renee Simard
Jeremy Walter

I have had many years of experince working with Cole and Garry from Garry’s heating. They are professional, knowledgeable, affordable and do exactly what they say they are going to do. I used them one my own house when we built a few years ago and it was fantastic. Also there have been no issues when we required service or simply needed advice. They are a family operation and truly do care about their clients. I highly recommend them

Jeremy Walter
Dean Heuman

Cole was great, I learned more about my furnace and AC in 30 minutes than all the services calls I have had since they were installed 10 years ago. A good fix, some clear information about what to repair and when to replace. Very pleased and they will be my go to.

Dean Heuman
Ed Bieganek

I had issues with the furnace not firing up and Garry came out and resolved the issue for me and stated there wouldn’t be a cost and there wasn’t! Hard to get good service and he gave it. Recommend his company to anyone.

Ed Bieganek

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