Duct CleaningHow long has it been since your furnace ducts have been cleaned or repaired?

If you can’t remember – it has been too long! It is important to conduct regular maintenance and cleaning on your residential air ducts. Dirty ducts are unsafe because they release allergens into your home and attract rodents or pests. They can also dramatically raise your energy bills. Luckily, Garry’s Heating Services is servicing the St. Albert community by offering professional furnace duct cleaning, repairs, and installations.

The furnace ducts in your home slowly become damaged over time due to a lack of cleaning, the presence of pets, weather, or construction/remodeling. It is recommended to have your air ducts cleaned once every three years. They should be cleaned immediately if you notice any mold, particles, or obstructions in your ventilation system.

At Garry’s Heating Services, we have specialized technicians that we send for furnace duct cleaning in St. Albert. Our customers are the number one priority and we guarantee that we will never take a shortcut to having your job done properly. We want to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of service. Here are a few ways that we are able to help:

  • Professional duct technicians
  • Personalized attention for each customer
  • Advanced furnace duct cleaning products that eliminate mold
  • Removal of all blockages and/or buildup that increases fire risk
  • Duct evaluations and quotes
  • Affordable duct services

Many companies that offer air duct services such as cleaning, repairs, or installation lack the proper training and experience to effectively get the job done. Our knowledgeable staff knows exactly how to remove mold, allergens, and all other materials from the vents of your homes. Our customers throughout the community consistently have good things to say about our services. The best proof of our expertise comes from our reviews and recommendations. We can provide you with upfront costs, straight answers, and helpful information. Make the best choice for your home and family by having your furnace ducts maintained regularly.

If you are in need of quality and reliable furnace duct cleaning – look no further than Garry’s Heating Services. Call us at 780-459-4919 today.