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What is a Furnace Emergency?

In the St. Albert and Edmonton area, true furnace emergencies come up during the winter months when your furnace is working its hardest to keep your home warm. If there was any existing issue with your furnace during the warmer months, you may not have noticed because the warmer weather covered it up for you. In addition, if furnaces are undergoing mechanical failure intermittently, you may not have noticed because you were out of your home or asleep during that time.

Winter Reveals Furnace Problems

In the winter, if the furnace stops working at any time during the day or night, you will tend to notice because the air in the home will be significantly colder than your comfort level. You may be able to restart the furnace at the moment you notice it breaking down, but you will be much less likely to leave it to chance the next time.

Often, people leave their homes for 6-8 hours at a time to go to work during temperatures -20°C and -30°C. If their furnace shuts off during the morning, their home will be quite chilled by the time they return home. What was a minor nuisance during the autumn months can quickly become a serious emergency. A home that contains pets and children cannot be allowed to fall below freezing temperatures.

TIP: Avoid an unexpected furnace failure by booking your furnace maintenance with our expert technicians every 2-3 years, or annually for older furnaces.

24 Hour Service Charge

When you come home after work to discover a furnace shut-down, Garry’s Heating has a technician on call 24 hours every day. If you need to use our emergency service, there is an additional service charge for the convenience of having someone ready to respond to the emergency.

Our Guarantee

Even though it is winter, and you may be feeling pressure to fix your furnace immediately, we try to talk you through your situation and arrive at the best solution before coming out after hours and charging you that emergency fee. Our technician will spend time with you on the phone to find the best solution to your specific problem. We do not charge for any guidance we are able to provide over the phone. Often, we can talk you through a fix during the emergency period, and then book a regular appointment for the following day – saving you stress and money!

If you don’t feel comfortable with your current situation and you can’t wait for service during the normal business hours, one of our expert technicians is standing by to attend to your emergency call.

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