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WHO KNEW? The Consequences of Not Changing Your Furnace Filters.

Most people aren’t thinking about their furnace filters until they stop functioning as they should. Clogged air filters can cause a system complication or failure.

So, How Do Furnace Filters Work?

Newer air filters consist of spun fiberglass or pleated paper encased by a cardboard frame and they act as a barrier to prevent dust, pollen, lint, mold, hair, animal fur, bacteria and more from circulating in the air.

To ensure the filter is always functioning at optimal performance, manufacturers recommend that filters should be changed every 30 to 60 days, but there are other circumstances that may affect that schedule.

    • EVERY 90 DAYS: A filter in a regular home with no pets.
    • EVERY 60 DAYS: A filter in a regular home with 1 pet.
  • EVERY 20 TO 45 DAYS: A filter in a regular home with multiple pets, or if anyone in your home suffers from allergies.

People in single-occupant homes with no pets, or those who own vacation homes that don’t get much use, can usually wait for 6 to 12 months before changing their filter.

So, What’s The Big Deal About Changing The Filter Anyway?

If a filter isn’t changed regularly the buildup of particles and contaminants that stick to the filter creates an almost impenetrable barrier so that the air cannot completely flow through, which in turn can cause multiple problems for the entire HVAC system.

You can expect higher energy bills

If air cannot flow through the system.it has to work harder to distribute heat, which increases your utility bills since the air is running for longer.

Have you noticed some of the rooms in your home are colder than others?

Clogged air filters make the furnace strain to create airflow, so it cannot adequately go where it is needed. This means that some rooms could be too cold during the winter months.

Health Concerns:

The clogged air filter cannot contain contaminants so they end up back in the air for everyone in your home to breathe. Issues might include headaches, itchy eyes or throat, and dizziness. If the air filters are not changed and the issues continue there could be long term issues  such as respiratory diseases, heart disease or even cancer.

Furnace Filters:

A clogged filter can cause the entire system to overwork and eventually break down. The replacement of a furnace can be costly! Air filters in general cost less than $40 – better to replace a filter than an entire system!replacing the entire system.

What to do?

If you haven’t changed the air filters in your home lately, your next step should be to figure out which filters you require for your furnace and replace them asap! If you find that the old filters look like nothing, not even air, could ever pass through them, it’s time to contact an HVAC professional. They can visit your house to inspect the system and resolve any issues caused by the clogged filters, thus preventing further problems in the future.

Request an Edmonton furnace filters replacement, repair or check up today!