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Furnace Maintenance

Your home comfort equipment is a significant investment, and you rely on it to perform well, especially during the winter.

Regular Furnace Maintenance Prevents Shut-Downs

Your furnace is designed to operate without breaking down for long periods of time. However, maintaining your furnace properly you will significantly extend the working life of your furnace and help keep your utility and maintenance bills low. Just like with your car, performing regular preventative maintenance can prevent major breakdowns that cost a lot more to repair!

Many heating and cooling companies recommend annual maintenance, but we understand this can seem like a lot, especially when your furnace is fairly new. While we love to visit you every year, we recommend that you inspect and service your furnace at least every 2-3 years to ensure proper functioning, and for peace of mind. It is better to know the current state of your furnace system rather than being surprised by a shut-down.

Prevent Unexpected Winter Furnace Shut-Downs

Keep in mind that your furnace works hardest during the winter, and as a result the most common mechanical failures in furnaces take place during that time. Then you can relax while our experienced technicians inspect your system from top to bottom to keep it running smoothly for another season.

Combine Maintenance with Duct Cleaning

To keep your furnace working in top condition, and to avoid poor performance and efficiency issues your should schedule regular furnace maintenance services with Garry’s Heating. Many clients choose to have their ducts cleaned at the same time as they check the performance of their furnace, because these services go hand in hand.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our expert furnace maintenance technicians provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee when they perform your furnace maintenance and duct cleaning. They confirm that your indoor air quality is being maintained to the correct standards, and can provide additional cleaning services if necessary at the same time. A properly maintained furnace will work to its maximum efficiency longer, providing continuous heat throughout the winter season.

Yearly regular maintenance includes:

  • Take the system apart to view the internal mechanics
  • Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks, holes rust, dents, and damage
  • Clean, inspect and test the furnace
  • Wipe down and oil parts
  • Check hoses and sensors
  • Check vents for clogs, holes, leaks

This is not a complete list, as each furnace is different, and older furnaces require a higher level of maintenance than newer models. Read your owner’s manual and follow the servicing recommendations for your furnace.

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