Furnace Motor Edmonton

Furnace Motor Edmonton

So, What are the Benefits of a Variable-Speed Furnace Anyway?


If you’re in the market for a new furnace, you might have heard about a variable-speed furnace motor Edmonton. But what exactly is it, and how can it benefit you? 


A variable-speed furnace motor can, in general, reduce your energy bills by up to 50% as it only uses the necessary amount of energy and adjusts to the outdoor temperature so it’s not blowing full-force all the time. Also, A variable-speed motor works in conjunction with your smart thermostat to optimize energy consumption! You’ll enjoy lower bills and better comfort.

With up to 12 speed options, a variable-speed furnace motor Edmonton will keep you comfortable by providing more consistent and even heating and with quiet operation and the smart thermostats that are sued with them allow easy adjustments on the go.

High-speed fans on traditional fans sometimes can cause sleep disturbances as they are starting or stopping suddenly, leading to inconsistent airflow and disruptive drafts. They also prevent loud bursts of cold air with consistent and optimal air distribution – you’ll enjoy quiet at home with less fan noise too.

Improved Air Quality

Did you know that a variable-speed furnace motor improves air quality and helps to remove unwanted humidity and impurities from the air you breathe.

Air purifying filters are installed with variable-speed motors to ensure the removal of impurities from the air, providing improved air flow by circulating the air, preventing stagnant and stale air from staying inside your home.

Extended Lifespan

A variable-speed motor is durable and long-lasting, providing consistent airflow and less strain as it moves at lower speeds reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and expensive repairs so you can expect your furnace to last longer than usual.

Environmentally Friendly

Variable-speed motors save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions! They make your home comfortable while contributing to the environment at the same time!

Installation and Maintenance

Although a variable-speed furnace motor can be initially costlier than a traditional furnace motor, you’ll make up for it by saving energy and money in the long run by avoiding maintenance and repair costs. Also, they generally offer extended warranties with installation, so future repairs won’t be so costly.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Better comfort, smart energy, and fresh air – why wait? Call us to get a variable-speed furnace motor Edmonton installed today and see a difference in your comfort and home.

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