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If your heating system is not turning off as it should, it could be a sign of problems such as excessive energy consumption or straining the heating unit.

If the heating temperature rises too high and the furnace won’t turn off, even if you adjust the thermostat, this could cause damage to individual components and overheat the heating system.

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Why Heaters Don’t Turn Off Properly Sometimes.


Furnaces and their corresponding thermostats are designed to turn off when the desired temperature in the room has been reached. However, when this normal process doesn’t occur, these issues could be present.


1. Incorrect Thermostat Settings


If your thermostat isn’t turning on when it should, make sure you check the thermostat first. Sometimes HVAC systems can be turned up by others in your household, or the system may not be programmed properly. If the temperature setting is far above the current temperature, your furnace will run as much as possible to warm up the room. These are some things you should check when inspecting your thermostat.

Room Temperature: Check the thermostat setting to see what it is set at. Make sure the unit isn’t set too high and adjust the temperature down according to your preferences.

Furnace Response: If your furnace is set to high, you can manually lower the temperature to turn it off. If the blower doesn’t stop, switch your furnace to “OFF” heat.


2. Improper Fan Settings.


The furnace blower motor works in conjunction with your furnace, but can also be used independently. The fan can also be used to circulate air in the home. It is important to ensure that your thermostat is not set to constant operation. This can increase energy consumption. These are some things you should check.

Look for the fan settings on your thermostat. You should see two options, “ON” or “AUTO”.

The thermostat might be set to ON for the blower if your furnace isn’t turning off. You can toggle the switch to “AUTO”, so that your furnace’s blower fan runs only during a heat cycle. Your furnace’s blower motor will continue to run if “ON” is turned on. This can create the illusion that your furnace is producing and distributing cold air.


3. Dusty Air Filter.


Filters are used to clean forced air furnaces and heat pump with an air handler. Filters that are dirty can restrict air movement, making your furnace work harder. You can avoid problems by changing your air filter.


4. Thermostat Problems


The thermostat monitors the temperature of your home – adjust accordingly to turn on or off heating. The unit might not work properly if the wiring is damaged or loose.

A replacement thermostat may be an option if tightening the wiring fails to solve the problem. Sometimes sensors and delicate parts can fail, so a complete replacement might the best option. New thermostats have many features that may also improve energy efficiency.


Garry’s Heating Services can help if your furnace keeps running. Garry’s Heating Services can inspect your furnace for any problems, such as faulty limit switches, compressor contact, or malfunctioning blower unit, and then fix it to ensure it’s runnning properly.


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