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Whole Home Furnace Humidifier Installation

Our air is naturally more dry than that elsewhere in the world. Especially in the winter.

Why Albertans Need Whole Home Humidity Control

Have you noticed that our Alberta air is fairly dry all the time, and especially in the winter? St. Albert, Edmonton and surrounding areas, are located on the Canadian prairie. Our air is naturally more dry than that elsewhere in the world. Coastal cities like Victoria and Halifax don’t experience the same lack of humidity because the ocean constantly adds humidity to the environment.

If you suffer from dry skin, parched throat, and cracked lips, you probably have dry air in your home. You may have tried to humidify your home using small area humidifiers from a hardware store. These table-top or floor-based humidifiers can be effective in small areas, but they are bulky, require an electrical outlet, and need to be refilled and cleaned daily. Your indoor air quality should be optimized at all times to ensure comfort. Small area humidifiers can let you down when they need more water or a cleaning.

The whole home furnace humidifier is a smarter solution for every Albertan home.
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Convenient, Consistent Humidity

A furnace humidifier uses evaporation technology to humidify the air in your home. We select a humidifier to suit the size of your home, and professionally attach it to your furnace’s return air duct. The existing flow of air from your furnace through a water panel turns the water into vapor. Humidified air is delivered through your existing air vents at the same time as the air is heated. This process creates a constant, maintenance-free and comfortable level of humidity.

Protect Your Home and Furniture

Another advantage to using a whole house humidifier is that it protects the hardwood flooring and furniture from the seasonal changes in humidity. If you have ever noticed that your floor boards contract during the winter and leave cracks between the boards, you can be sure you are experiencing extremely dry seasons. A humidifier will keep the humidity level constant so your wood – including any wood in your entire home – does not contract and expand with the seasons.

Install a Humidifier

People often install a humidifier at the same time they install a new furnace. However, if you have an older model furnace and require an improved humidity level, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. The cost of installing a whole home humidifier instead of buying a small area humidifier may surprise you – especially when you consider the benefits of easy maintenance and convenience of the furnace humidifier installation.

We install only quality products, and we have furnace technicians who are qualified and experienced in working with the sheet metal in your furnace. We do this kind of job all the time, during every season, so we can offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Humidifiers can be installed with an older model furnace, or with a high efficiency furnace. The optimal setting may vary slightly depending on what type of furnace you have installed, the size of your house, and the time of the year.

Install with Air Conditioning

A humidifier is an important part of your home heating and cooling system. Most people want their whole home humidifier attached to their furnace so humidified air will be delivered when it is needed the most – during the cold winter months. However, what if you need greater control over humidity during the summer season? In these cases, a humidifier can be attached to your air conditioner’s vent system in a similar fashion, giving you even better control of your home comfort in the summer months.

Maintaining your Humidifier

Use the humidifier control to adjust your humidifier to a comfortable level at different times of the year. During the summer, we recommend that you keep your humidifier at a higher humidity level of around 35%. When the weather starts to cool off to -20°C, reduce your humidity level to 15% humidity. Once every year or two, replace the water panel evaporator using a suitable replacement. You can find a replacement at the hardware store and change the panel yourself. If you are not sure what to do, give us a call, and we will direct you to the right replacement!

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