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Installing a new a/c unit as well as new furnace has made all the difference in our home.  The temperatures inside are consistent and seldom very more than 2 degrees from the basement to the top floor regardless of the temp outside.  The wireless portable thermostat is great.  Leaving the furnace fan on has actually lowered our power bills compared to the old furnace.  Nice job guys...Thanks

In the spring of 2015, we had a Trane air conditioner installed.  We are completely satisfied with the work that was done by Cole and Darrell.  In August we had the furnace and ducts cleaned by this company and Vince did an excellent job.  I would highly recommend Garry's Heating Services.

We were is Saskatoon when we got the call from the person checking our house that our furnace wasn't working on a cold Saturday night...An hour or so after making a call to Garry's the furnace was repaired.  Thank you Cole for your quick, efficient and friendly service!

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